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The story begins with music -- classical and electronic - pioneering new approaches to music production - both in the studio and in live performance.   We have composed and produced film and video scores, dance scores, TV and radio commercials, and dozens of concert pieces - everything from chamber music to full symphonic works.

Electric Diamond

ELECTRIC DIAMOND is one of the longest-lived electronic performance ensembles - 35 years plus and going strong. The ensemble first performed in 1979 playing concerts at Carnegie Recital Hall, Symphony Space, the Guggenheim Museum and other venues of the New York 1970s new music scene.  ELECTRIC DIAMOND's performances are truly "live", without the use of any computer sequencing or multi tracking techniques. The results are performances of immediacy, power, and authentic feeling.

Being Alice

BEING ALICE - Ver. 2.1 purports to be the recently discovered musical manuscript that was meant to accompany the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. It is a theme and variations arranged for chamber orchestra with optional narration and multimedia. The work can also be thought of as a "young person's guide to musical composition," as each variation explores different techniques (inversion, retrograde, mirror, augmentation, canon, etc.). 


KONZERTO is a four movement concerto for solo violin and electronic orchestra. Karen Bentley Pollick is the violinist.


M x KRONOS was commissioned by the KRONOS String Quartet. This recording was made in 1980 at Carnegie Recital Hall. In this performance, the players are Dave Harrington and John Sherba on violins, Hank Dutt on viola, and Joan Jeanrenaud on cello. 


Macha is an orchestral work for Baritone and Harold Aks, conducting the Sarah Lawrence Orchestra,