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Stuart Diamond’s career covers a wide range of activities—business leader, entrepreneur, writer/journalist, producer/videoartist, and composer/musician. As co-founder of Empowered Media, he was at the forefront of the digital media and online marketing revolution.

While serving Empowered Media, Diamond worked with major defense contractors, international human rights organizations, the United Nations, and top Fortune 500 companies. His work included consulting with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on counter-terrorism initiatives.  As editor-in-chief of Empowered Doctor, he oversaw the production of thousands of health-related news stories, including the media for The National Physician of the Year Awards. He also developed educational programs for Wall Street on the nature of trust and the financial system, which became the program Ethical Trust. 

Diamond is also a multimedia artist, creating music, videos librettos, video, and music for the concert hall, film, dance, and theater. His ensemble, Electric Diamond, is one of the pioneering groups of live, electronic music performance. Diamond was also a recipient of the Criterion Foundation Award that supported him for more than 5 years for the sole purpose of composing contemporary music. 

As a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow, Diamond visits colleges throughout the United States in support of the value of the liberal arts. For 9 years, he was a Trustee for The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.


"The goal has been to help my colleagues and clients become more successful, whether it is in the telling of a story, making music, selling a product, or marketing new ideas and concepts.  I use the entire palette of multimedia skills to 'making the vision happen'."

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