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The story expanded  to original video production. To date we have produced (written, directed, and/or edited) hundreds of commercial videos. Including nationally syndicated TV specials, corporate videos, TV commercials, biographies, and over 2000 medical news pieces. In addition, we have developed signature style of innovative video art.

Video Art

Impressions of an Exhibition

Based on Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition."

Video produced and directed by Stuart Diamond

3 Goddesses

3 Goddesses

Artwork and Text - Marko Pogacnik

Video and Visualization - Stuart Diamond

Music - Ruth Cunningham and Stuart Diamond

  Ciaccona φ

Ciaccona φ from Partita #2 in D minor, BWV 1004 by Johann Sebastian Bach

Karen Bentley Pollick – Solo Violin; Stuart Diamond – Visualization; Daniel Husser - Videography

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The visuals fuse geometrical and mathematical representations of The Golden Mean, Fibonacci Series, Pyramids of Egypt, as well as the Greek letter “φ“ that has come to represent this Divine Ratio, creating a tribute to Bach's own motto "Soli Deo Gloria".


SYRYNX was inspired by the 2015 super "blood" moon. 

Set to an electronic work from the 1980's.


SUCCUBUS - Music and Video by Stuart Diamond; Karen Bentley Pollick - Violin; Kerry Walsh - Soprano; Engineer - Kurt Kuwasaki

       1. The Cave
       2. NightWings
       3. The Kiss
       4. The Phantom Sea 
       5. Dream Lines 
       6. The Rising of a Lonely Sun

SUCCUBUS is a term that dates from the Middle Ages and refers to a demon that takes a feminine form to ravage men and women in their sleep,inducing erotic visions and nightmares. Along with its counterpart, the Incubus, these demons were thought to be the cause of the half-sleep state in which one cannot wake and feels the presence of a supernatural being.

SUCCUBUS is a six-movement tone poem for violin, soprano and electric orchestra. It is an exploration of the sensual and surrealistic dreamscapes of the Succubus. The music features the voluptuous and mysterious voice of Kerry Walsh and the sinuous violin playing of Karen Bentley entwined in a dark and erotic dance of love and desire.  The primary imagery is based on the art work of 19th century French artists Gustave Courbet and NASA photography. Original Score - 1975; Audio recording - 1994; Video - 2012 


Music is from an improvisation by Electric Diamond


Video by Stuart Diamond

Music by Ayal Adler


FIVE BAGATELLES for solo instruments, electronics and video

1. Sideways, 2. Sequences,
3. Koperian, 4. Patterns,  Wolf Song
5. WolfSong

Commercial Videos
Video: The story expanded when I used my writing and audio production skills to break into video. To date I have produced (written, directed, and/or edited) literally hundreds of videos. Including nationally syndicated TV specials, corporate videos, TV commercials, biographies, and over 2000 medical new pieces. 
Healthcare Videos
Since 2006 Empowered Doctor has published over 2000 medical news stories - most with video. The result is one of the largest online archives of health-related news stories. Below is a small sampling. 

In addition, I have worked with several of the best known brands in the healthcare arena, such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Columbia University Medical Center at New York Presbyterian, Cleveland Clinic, Susan G. Komen, and, to name just a few. We are also a proud partner in the production of The National Physician of the Year Awards.