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Partial Client List
Developed in response to the calamitous loss of trust in the financial system in 2008, The Power and Profitability of Trust was introduced to top-tier Financial Managers at Merrill Lynch. The courses became one of Merrill's top-rated professional development programs. The Power and Profitability of Trust helped Financial Managers re-establish trust with their clients - personally, institutionally, and  in the financial system, in general.
The relationship with L3 Communications (one of the top 10 defense contractors) began as a producer of videos for their 3D airport scanners. The relationship quickly expanded into other product lines. Post 9/11, we brought L3 into a deal with the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) under the auspices of US Customs. (see below).
CT-PAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. A program initiated by US Customs, it sought to create a world-wide network of all the  businesses that traded internationally. The goal was to share and enforce best practices to combat terrorism. The entire supply chain - the linkages from a a shirt manufacturer in Mongolia to the shelves of Walmart - is ultimately vulnerable to terrorist activity. I helped put together a consortium between US Customs, L3 Communications, and Fed Ex to develop an online portal and knowledge management system for CT-PAT members.  

For many years,  worked closely with the physicians and administrators  at the Columbia University Medical Center / NY Presbyterian Hospital. We developed extensive marketing programs, websites, and videos for the Departments of Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, and Surgery. Ultimately, the goal was to tell a better story, improve online presence, and ultimately bring new patients to the departments. 

In partnership with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., produced the media for The National Physician of the Year Awards. Had the privilege to interview and tell the stories of 60 remarkable men and women , whose research, insight and hard work have changed the face of modern medicine - impacting the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

Oversaw the production of over 2500 health-related news stories for Empowered Doctor. Today, more than 500 videos are still online at Empowered's YouTube channel. In the early years of SEO, our web content dominated the search engines.

As a the founding, co-partner in Empowered Media produced one of the first D.I.Y (do it yourself)  nationally syndicated television programs, "Flight to Mars" - recounting the original Pathfinder mission to the Red Planet. Wrote, directed, and edited the program using one of the first non-linear digital video editing system. Subsequently, we produced several other nationally syndicated programs, including "Tropicales Festivales" and "America's Best Doctors". 

We produced several projects in conjunction with the United Nations and other non-profits. These included "Besra", a photo essay about the the untold story of Albanians saving their entire Jewish population during WWII. STAMEN was an initiative to secure the intellectual property rights of herbal remedies of indigent populations. Several projects were about the Independence of Kosovo, human rights, amongst other projects. 

Remember the cell phone controversy? Are they safe? We became both the marketing company and scientific advisors for TecnoZone. We travelled to Paris, arranged for scientific research at major universities, and developed one of the most provocative marketing campaigns of its day, bringing attention to the issue of cell phone safety. An exciting time battling major corporate efforts to suppress exposure of the published scientific data that cell phone radiation does impact the human health.
Peace Starz was a collaboration with the late Reverend William Grant. We created a program to promote cooperation between warring factions - both in the inner city environments and internationally. Just one facet of the legacy to Rev. Grants' work and life.  Other tributes can be seen here. And at The New York Web Center.

Produced educational programs for Empowered Learning, including a program for parents called "Empower Your Child". Also, co-hosted a nationally syndicated radio program on parenting, distributed by American Public Radio. In addition, we  produced several hundred free concerts that were presented throughout the New York Metropolitan Areas, primarily in inner city environments.

Polly Polymer and The Fantastic Plastic Factory was an extended live-action animated program promoting the wonders of chemical engineering to school children. The program was produced for The American Institute of  Chemical Engineers.
We were part of the creative marketing team for the initial release of Allegra. While our core responsibility was to deliver the music and sound design, we contributed to every stage of the creative. 

SDI Technologies aka SoundDesign is one of the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics - often sold under top-tier licensed brands. We provided SDI a full-range of advertising, marketing  and agency services,  including full creative and production for TV commercials, videos, and print. We worked on campaigns for some of the best known brands in the world, including Timex, Zenith, Disney and  Mattel's Barbie and Hot Wheels.